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Are online classes available?

There are options for both in-person and online instruction.


Online instruction is available via Zoom and FaceTime.

In-studio instruction is at 200 Commerce Cir, Ste A Yorktown, VA 23693.

Is this a good music program for beginners?

Musicians of all ability levels, including those with little to no musical experience, can participate in the Revolution Rock Music School. After enrolling, individuals will receive weekly classes suited to their particular goals and skill level.

What will the RRMS Performance Program teach me or my child?

Students of all ability levels have the chance to learn and play songs in a band as part of our performance program. In order to play live on stage as a cohesive one, each band member will hone their technique in group rehersals with a seasoned instructor.

Where will the performances take place in the Performance Program?

The Revolution Rock Music School will put on performances at live music venues in the Hampton Roads area.

Past venues include The Vanguard, Stuft, Second Chances, Water Street Grille, and Revolution Golf and Grille.

200 Commerce Cir Ste A, Yorktown, VA 23693

Call or Text 757-876-3260